Shekhawati Sahodaya Schools Complex
  • About us

    The Shekhawati Sahodaya School Complex is setup at Pilani. Where we all school will come together under one umbrella and will organize different activities for the academic development and the overall development of our students like:-
    1. Curriculum design
    2. Technique of evaluation
    3. Students support
    4. Community programmes
    5. C.C.E. Formative Assessment
    6. Mass Media communication
    7. Information Technology
    8. Quality improvement among teachers
    9. New method’s and methodology
    10. Learning methodology
    11. Capacity building
    12. Child centered education
    13. Educational research
    14. Implementation of right to education
    15. Learning by experimentation
    16. Carrier counseling
    17. Stress management
    18. Common test  papers developments
    19. Common competitions
    20. common centralized evaluation
    21. Students exchange programmes……………………..and many other issues



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